Chaos Moon – the story begins

As I’ve mentioned previously, the next series I’m working on will be called CHAOS MOON, and will be set 100-ish years after CATALYST MOON. (Which is finally complete – yay!)

Today I’m beyond excited to announce the title of Book 1 of this new series.

Are you ready?



A ruthless shadow.

The assassin Verve knows how to survive the chaos of warring mage clans: keep her head down, don’t ask questions, and above all, don’t let anyone see her true heart. A veteran mage-killer, Verve has made a name for herself by instilling fear in the heart of the savage magic-users who find themselves at the end of her blade. But although she survives as a killer, her heart longs for a life of peace and freedom – and a way to atone for the blood on her hands.

When her patron tasks her with assassinating a ruthless mage warlord, Verve knows her skills are up to the challenge. But Verve’s demons haunt her steps, and when her first foray into the warlord’s village ends in a drunken brawl, Verve realizes this mission requires a…different approach than she’s used in the past.

A hopeless healer.

As a rare dendric mage, Alem’s self-appointed role is to heal the refugees fleeing the chaos of the mage wars. But “heal” is a tiny word for a big task: to protect the village of Lotis from the increasingly chaotic battles between mage warlords. Alem’s a lover, not a fighter, so when Lotis’s leader hires the mercenary, Verve, to protect their village, Alem tries – and fails – to swallow his objections to solving this problem with a blade. Violence leads to violence, after all.

A magic-sundered world.

Verve isn’t known for her charity, but protecting the village makes a great cover while she searches for her true target. But despite her hardened heart, in the village – and in Alem’s company – she finds a cause worth fighting for. As the new guardian of the village of Lotis, Verve ferociously destroys the mage warbands assaulting the village. With Verve and Alem working as a team, Lotis becomes a haven for the powerless. Meanwhile, the unlikely allies grow closer, their new partnership fueling their attraction – and their wildly different attitudes.

But when Verve’s pissed-off patron catches up to her, she’s forced to choose a side or risk losing the man she loves. And while Verve may know how to survive, if she wants to thrive, she needs a little magic of her own.

Assassin’s Mercy is officially the first book in the Chaos Moon LGBTQ+ fantasy romance series, but each book stands alone. Beware: if you love badass, snarky heroines & sweet heroes, enemies to lovers, grumpy/sunshine slow-burn romances, found families, and tragic pasts, Assassin’s Mercy will heal your heart and become your new obsession. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

FYI the artwork above isn’t the cover, it’s just something I threw together for now. 🤩 Stay tuned for more information, including sneak peeks, cover art reveals, and of course, a preorder date. 😘

Until next time…

Stay awesome,

5 thoughts on “Chaos Moon – the story begins

  1. So, I know you said the picture isn’t the new cover, but damn, that looks good. 😀

    I’m seriously psyched about the new series and finding out how the adventures in Catalyst Moon influenced the world I’ve come to love. Verve and Alem sound like the kind of characters I’d want to follow 100 years into the future of CM.

    I’m looking forward to any more updates you might have and the new series.

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