New books, new faces


In case you missed my previous blog post, I’m so excited to announce my new series, Chaos Moon! This series will take place about 150-ish years after the events of Catalyst Moon, and features a brand-new cast of characters.

First up, I’d like you to meet Verve (full name, Vervaine). She’s the titular assassin in Assassin’s Mercy, and was SO MUCH FUN to write! I have a thing for snarky badass ladies, apparently. (I mean, who doesn’t?)

Verve fights hard and often dirty, kicking groins, throwing sand in her opponent’s eyes, sneaking around – basically doing whatever it takes to complete an assignment. Off the job, she wears a mask of dry humor, and allows others to project what they want her to be onto her. She rarely shows her true feelings to anyone. As a result, she has many “friends,” but they are all superficial; none of them truly know who she is.

She’s deadly with her crossbow, daggers, and a particular wire bracelet that occasionally comes in very handy.

Don’t tell anyone, but Verve is terrified of the dark. Sometimes, when she’s falling asleep, she imagines finding long-lost family somewhere, somehow, even just a Sufani wagon, and pretends she is home again.

Below is a teeny excerpt that gives you a taste of who Verve is:

The shape-changer glared up at Verve, her lip curling. She was alluring, in a bite-your-head-off sort of way. “Back off, dreg. This doesn’t concern you.”

“Like hell it doesn’t,” Verve replied, gripping the now-unspooled wire bracelet in both hands. “You interrupted my drink.” 

“Tough titties.”

Verve bared her teeth in a grin. “You have no idea.”

Stay tuned next time for another teaser from the upcoming LGBTQ+ fantasy romance series, Chaos Moon!

Stay awesome,

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