update – October 2021

Sooo…when did it become October? Seriously, this year has flown by, which isn’t terrible, considering that living through most of 2021 has felt like the physical manifestation of various crying emojis.

BUT if you’re here, then you want some good news, so without further ado, the new series I’m working on is:

This isn’t a cover or anything, I just love glitch art.

About the series:

Magic has torn the world asunder.

In the aftermath of the thrall crisis that left the country of Aredia shattered and leaderless, mages have gone to war - with each other. Magic-strong families fight over territories, driving non-mage citizens into the sheltering arms of the anti-magic Legion Of the Pure. Meanwhile, warring mage factions disrupt the roads, stalling travel and trade with their fighting. The meridians, spirit-healers founded to preserve knowledge and peace, struggle to stop the fighting so the free mages can face their common foe: the Legion Of the Pure, a city-state where magic is illegal and all mages are prisoners.

Only the ruthless can withstand the chaos.

Mercenaries, assassins, traitors, thieves…the desperate denizens of this new world have learned how to survive under the worst conditions. But if they want to thrive, they must overcome old traumas and grow into the people they long to be. 

Welcome to the Chaos Moon LGBTQ+ fantasy romance series. Beware: if you love snarky banter, enemies to lovers, grumpy/sunshine slow-burn romances, slice-of-life fantasy, found families, and tragic pasts, Chaos Moon will heal your heart and become your new obsession. Don't say you weren't warned.
Working on my blurb game. What do you think?

The first book of the CHAOS MOON series will debut in 2022. I’m all set to write Book 1 during this year’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNo), and am eager to dive into these new stories.

Chaos Moon will be set about a hundred-ish years after the final Catalyst Moon book. I debated for a loooong time about just when to set this series, but ultimately landed on quite a bit after Catalyst Moon. There’s a few reasons for this, but the main one is I’m ready to write all new characters, and I felt that writing in a time too close to Catalyst Moon would still tie me to Kali, Stonewall, and the rest of the gang. I know my readers love them, as do I, but I’ve also been writing them for almost a decade (!) so it’s time for a change.

I’ve got three books outlined and several more in the brainstorming stage. I also have ideas for several more series, probably set after Chaos Moon, but they are still in the early developmental stages. Creating worlds takes a lot of time and energy, and I am HERE for it all.

Stay awesome,

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