Update – June 2018

Hello there!

After three rewrites, two beta-readers, and countless revisions, Catalyst Moon: Storm (book 3) is with my publisher! I’m still trying to figure out when it’ll be released, but I anticipate late autumn/early winter. (Hopefully sooner, but it might need more work than I realize.) I feel pretty good about this one; it’s always tough for me to gauge a book’s quality so close after an editing pass, but my gut says it’s in decent shape, so I’m going with that.

While I wait for Inkitt’s editors to look over book 3, I’m revising book 4. It’s written, but rough, though I’m happy to say that I don’t anticipate needing to rewrite this one. (Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself…) Then I plan to finish the Rook novella, (which you’ll hopefully want to read after you read book 3), and THEN start writing the discovery draft for book 5. I took a long hard look at my outlines and notes today, and realized that I probably won’t be able to wrap things up in book 5, as was my original plan. I’m gonna need book 6 as well. I had considered this, and started planning for it prior to book 3’s last round of edits, but was hoping that wasn’t the case any longer. (Sometimes ideas need time to simmer.) While this isn’t bad news, (especially if you’re enjoying the story), it does put the other books bubbling in my brain on the backburner. (What’s with all the cooking metaphors today?)

I hope to have book 4 to my betas by the end of summer, so I can get cranking on book 5. I don’t see why that can’t happen, but life sometimes has other plans. At least I know one thing: I’ll be writing. 😉

Take care and stay awesome,


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