Character spotlight – Milo

Milo in Catalyst Moon:

At the start of Incursion, (Book 1), Milo is approximately 18 years old. He’s often described as a burly fellow; tall and broad-shouldered, which belies his gentle nature. Black hair, fair skin, and bright blue eyes give him a “fresh” appearance and make his status as a “burnie,” (a new sentinel), that much more apparent. Milo has a twin sister, Flint, who shares his coloring and facial features.

Milo and Flint, (birthname Mira), were born in the city of Callat, at the southernmost edge of Greenhill Province.

In Milo’s own words: “Mama was nice enough, most of the time, but her mood turned sour when she’d been in the bottle. I guess it’s to be expected; we were poor as rats and she had no one to help her with me and Flint, but I remember being scared a lot. Especially when she drank or when folks stopped by at all hours to visit her. Looking back, I know what she did so we all could eat, and I want to be grateful, but it’s hard to feel gratitude while you’re huddled in a closet, praying she won’t see us and get angry. She was really angry, a lot, and I think she blamed her lot on me and Mira. I dunno.

It’s odd to say life got better after my mother died, but that’s how it was for us. Mama died and someone from the Circle took me and Mira away from our house – it wasn’t ever much of a home – and brought us to the nearest garrison. We got a fresh start with the sentinels.”

Most sentinels take on a new name once they take their first full dose of hematite – called “the Burn.” However, Milo chose to keep his birthname, which comes from one of his favorite myths of the goddess Mara.

Milo is relentlessly optimistic. Although his is not immune to melancholy, he always finds a way to work through his sadness and keep a bright outlook. Devoted to the gods and to his twin sister, Milo is naive and honorable, brave and kind. His skill in battle lies in his sheer size and strength, though he often wishes he could be small and stealthy like Rook, one of his squad-mates. He often misses things that are “obvious” to everyone else, leaving those who care about him to roll their eyes at his innocence.


As with Kali and Stonewall, Milo first found life many years ago in my Star Wars fanfiction. He started off as a clone trooper like Stonewall, the sniper and youngest member of Shadow Squad, my beloved group of OC (original character) clone troopers. When I realized I would be bringing characters from my fanfiction to the world of Catalyst Moon, I knew Milo had to join in the fun. Mi’s character underwent some changes, namely his appearance and background, but his overall nature remains unchanged. He’s got a heart of gold and cotton.

PS: I won’t post another shirtless pic of a hot dude, but when I saw Rob Wilson, my first thought was “Holy [expletive deleted]!” My second thought was “Milo!” 😉 If you want to see how I imagine him, check out his Pinterest page.

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