Update – September 2018

Hello and howdy, friends!

Yes, I’m still here. Yes, I’m still hard at work on Catalyst Moon – despite being somewhat distracted lately by Dragon Age. (But can you blame me?! Fenris x purple!Hawke FOREVAH!!!)

You’ll (hopefully) be pleased to hear that Catalyst Moon: Surrender (Book 4) is with my brilliant beta-readers. I hope to have their feedback bay late next spring, and then have the book to Inkitt shortly thereafter.

Speaking of Inkitt, Catalyst Moon: Storm (Book 3) is with them now, awaiting editing. That should take place in October; my hope is that the book is in decent enough shape that it won’t need too much additional editing, and will still be on track to be released this year. So keep your fingers crossed!

But the best news, for me, is that I have officially begun the discovery draft of Book 5 (title TBD)! Huzzah! I started outlining in the spring and have only recently finished; things are starting to (!) get kinda (!!!) complex, and I had to take a bit more time than normal to work out the finer points of the story. No doubt there are still many surprises in store for me, (hence the term “discovery draft”), but I have a general sense of the story’s shape. Get ready – it’s gonna be EPIC. 🙂

There will probably/definitely be a CM #6, so I can properly wrap up this story arc. What started off as a “simple” three book story has grown into SIX, (or two sorta trilogies in my weird-ass brain), but I’ve (almost) made peace with that fact. The truth is, these stories, these books, are my legacy. Long after I’m gone, my words will live on, and I want to know that I’ve put forth the very best stories I can…along with the occasional dirty joke. (Entirely Kali’s fault, I assure you. I am merely a vessel for her snark.)

Beyond this six-book series, I’m brainstorming the next phase of the Catalyst Moon saga, and am excited to sink my teeth into this next part of Aredia’s history…when the time comes. Sometimes the amount of work I have to do – all self-imposed, of course – feels overwhelming, so I try and focus on one small bit at a time, like working out a specific plot point or fleshing out a scene. Heck, sometimes even writing one line feels like a Herculean effort. But nothing worth doing is easy to do, right?

Take care, folks, and stay awesome. ❤



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