Assassin’s Mercy – bonus tidbit

Journal entry by Alem – [late summer] 150 Atal

Although I have known several meridians, I have never known anyone like Verve. Sorry – this isn’t supposed to be a love letter, just some notes for later perusal, but it seems she’s always on my mind. 

Anyway. Meridians. Right. Since Verve is one, she agreed to let me jot down some observations about her new abilities – provided I “don’t use any stuffy, weird medical terminology.” I can’t promise I’ll try, darling, but I’ll try to try.

It’s the glowing eyes I can’t get over. Which is strange, right, given how I can sometimes hear Verve’s voice in my head, as clearly as if she stood beside me. Given how there’s a sense of…calm that she emanates now, like just being in her presence will ease a troubled heart. But her eyes. They glow – they burn. Like twin stars, illuminating the night. But starlight can be cold, too, and Verve’s eyes–meridians’ eyes–are anything but; brilliant, multicolored light lives there, shining like a hundred suns. Looking into her eyes fills me with warmth. Which annoys her to no end, sometimes, so win-win.

Before Verve came into these new abilities, I had only really known one other meridian well: Milo. I’d met one or two of the others, but never spent any real time with them, not like I did with Milo. After he brought me as a child to Pillau, and made sure I’d be cared for, he dropped by the orphanage pretty regularly to visit me. Well, I say me, but the other kids loved him too. He always brought sweets, and there were always an assortment of small animals in his company. And his eyes glowed. He treated it as something of a party trick, though one time I remember he came to us with another meridian, who didn’t seem to find it as amusing as us little ones and Milo. 

So it’s strange, sometimes, to see those eyes in Verve, and how they burn the same, but somehow completely different. Strange, and…wonderful. Amazing. Fascinating. I really could look at them all day if she’d let me. Maybe in some ways I’m still that same kid, dazzled by a magic so utterly foreign, yet so comforting; to find light in any darkness.

Thanks for reading! Read the full book here. Let me know what you thought. 🙂

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