on Inkitt…again

So I did a thing. An indie book author/blogger I’d been in contact with earlier this year recently reached out to me, and I shared my experiences publishing with Inkitt. You can read about it here.

I debated sharing this in my author-sphere because, frankly, I want to move on from Inkitt and everything having to do with them. It’s been a shitty year (and then some), and I just want to get past it all. But I also think the interview is important, because as Inkitt is growing, they’re reaching a wider audience and gaining more and more authors. If you’re considering working with them, I’d give this interview a read first.

Thanks for reading, and stay awesome,


One thought on “on Inkitt…again

  1. OMG! I’m glad you were able to save the series from Inkitt but wow, that is a crazy ride! FWIW, everything about their app sounds like something I wouldn’t let within 10 feet of my phone. If they were so grabby hands about Amazon customers’ email addresses, who knows what else they’d do with everyone’s personal information. If I can’t trust the three credit report organizations to keep my sensitive information safe, why would I trust anything that Inkitt is promoting on the app store???


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