on gratitude (again)

Hi there!

There’s a bunch of negative thoughts in my life right now. Try as I might to overcome them and keep my focus on the positive – and on what I can take control over – the bad shit lingers. So this is a note to myself, (and to you, if you need it), to keep the flame of gratitude alive, because I have so much to be grateful for.

These are songs that both remind me what’s important and allow me to fully process all this shit tumbling around my brain:

Daggers, by Slumberjack & Machine Age (Spotify | YouTube | Soundcloud)

My husband found this song and said my four favorites words: “Listen, you’ll love this.” I did. I made him play it twice, then said, “it’s a Stonewall song.” (Because it 100% is.) And he said, “I know. That’s why I knew you’d love it.”

That’s true love, folks.

Halsey – Without Me, Illenium Remix (Spotify | YouTube | Soundcloud)

You give your all to someone, but maybe your all wasn’t enough. It might never have been. But the other party’s actions doesn’t change yours. If you were your best self, your time was not wasted.

It’s Only (VIP Remix) – ODESZA (Spotify | YouTube | Soundcloud)

This song has always reminded me of Catalyst Moon. When I listen to the album version, I can see characters and scenes in my mind, unfolding like a movie. This song reminds me of the reason I wake up, the reason my heart beats. And this version? Reminds me of what was literally the best hour and a half-ish of my life. There’s nothing like seeing your heart and soul poured onto a stage at your feet. This version is power and pathos. This song reminds me of where I’ve been, and tells me where I’m going.

Until next time, y’all.

Stay awesome,


PS: photo credit to redditor mtjodis, though I played around with it on my phone. πŸ™‚

If you’re curious, here’s the full image:

I live for live music.

One thought on “on gratitude (again)

  1. Wow! What a great set of music! I can understand why it moves you.
    Positive thoughts are important but not always easy to maintain. No matter how hard we try and hold on to the positive and seal ourselves from destructive negative energy, it can sometimes seep in. A conscious effort every day to sweep the mind clear of unwanted, unbidden energy can help make more room for the positive.
    Anything that helps with this exercise: music, friends, books, poetry, that brings pleasure and comfort can aid and provide the strength and clarity needed to keep moving forward in the light.
    You have strived so hard for so
    many years to provide your readers with your best efforts and it certainly
    shows. Your books shine and sparkle, even in their dark moments and leave your readers asking, β€œβ€œWhat’s next?” The faith your readers have in you is important but not as important as the faith you have in yourself. You have always kept going, putting one foot in front of the other, up hills and down, over obstacles, rocky terrain and smooth paths, alike. Each step adds to this faith in yourself and builds upon itself. Your loved ones, friends and fans provide outside encouragement and positivity but it is your daily steps forward, no matter how few, how many, how slowly or how quickly, that keep your personal light shining from within.


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