The music of Catalyst Moon

Hi there!

Some of you might know that I’m a huge audiophile. Not only do I live for live music events like Hulaween (see picture above), music is my muse, my constant source of inspiration, so naturally everything I write has a soundtrack in my mind – and in (virtual) reality!

Here are the Spotify playlists for each Catalyst Moon book, even the ones you haven’t read yet. 😉

Catalyst Moon: Incursion (Book One) 

Catalyst Moon: Breach (Book Two)

Catalyst Moon: Storm (Book Three)

Catalyst Moon: Surrender (Book Four)

Catalyst Moon #5 (title TBD)

Catalyst Moon #6 (title TBD, plus there’s only one song on this, but that will change)

I tend to curate these as I’m writing, so some songs may change, but this is pretty much a peek inside my brain.

What about you? What sort of music moves you? Inspires you? Brings you joy? Music is one of the best things in the world, and though I can’t create it (I’ve tried, and failed), I can’t go one day without putting on a beloved song or artist*.

Thanks for reading/listening!

Stay awesome,


*Odesza. Always and forever, Odesza.

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