Update – November 2017

Hi there! Rather than apologizing for how long it’s been since I posted, (just know I have the best intentions but horrible follow-through when it comes to blogging), I’ll just jump right in.

The third rewrite of Catalyst Moon #3 is DONE!!!! Huzzah! Of course, the book still needs some (okay lots of) editing, and my lovely beta readers haven’t gotten their hands on it yet, but the skeleton, as it were, is complete. Man, that’s a good feeling.

I’m now back to working on #4, which I had to set aside back in April to finish edits for Breach, and then the rewrite of #3. But although it’s been a while, I’ve more or less gotten my head back in the game for this book, and it’s proceeding on fairly well. My main concern with this one, and with #3, is that they are…long. #3 is about 3ok words longer than Breach, which was already 20k longer than Incursion, so…yeah. I hate to be one of those authors whose books grow into door stoppers over time, buuuut that’s what’s going on. Ah, well. At least I’m having fun writing them, and I dearly hope y’all will enjoy reading them!

In other news, I normally avoid reading reviews, but I happened upon some of those for book #2, and I was pleasantly surprised. Most folks seemed to think (rightly so) that it’s stronger than book #1 – which I agree with! To anyone who has left a review – THANK YOU! I’m honored and humbled that you took the time out of your life to let others know what you thought of these stories I’m setting down.

One last thing before I go: If you’re in the North Florida area during the first weekend of December, stop by Tallahassee Comic Con, where I’ll have a writer’s table. (Along with my lovely and brilliant editor, who is flying all the way across the world to accompany me.) We’ll be giving away books and other goodies, so please stop by and say hi!

Okay, back to #4. Eris and her friends are about to get into some trouble; can’t keep my shape-shifter waiting long. She gets cranky. 😉

Stay awesome!


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