Update – March 2017

Hi there!

It’s been a little while since I posted anything, let alone an update, so I thought I’d let y’all know what’s going on in the Catalyst Moon ‘verse.

My beta readers’ feedback on Book Two is almost complete – yay! – which means that I’ll be starting the next round of edits very soon. (I’m aiming to start those by the end of this month.) Other than a few new scenes needed, most of the feedback called for relatively minor revisions for plot, pacing, character development, etc., so I anticipate sticking to the release date of July-ish 2017. Double yay! I must admit, I’m a bit nervous about how Book Two will be received, as it’s much darker in tone than Book One.

But fear not, because the saga will continue in Book Three! This thing is still in its rough draft state and needs a LOT of TLC, but I’m reluctant to start revisions on it until Book Two has been sent to Inkitt for publication. I’m a “discovery writer,” which means that, although I do work from a rough outline, I tend to “discover” the story as I write and edit, so it’s easier and more sensible for me to save my Book Three revisions until Book Two is “done.” (Or at least, as “done” as I can make it.)

Speaking of discoveries… I’m 100k words into Book Four, and have already resigned myself to the fact that I’ll need to a) pull a POV from it completely to make its own novella, and b) probably rewrite the entire thing. But it’s been a blast to uncover the story piece by piece. I know how the overall five book arc will end, as well as a few key scenes/notes along the way, but much of the initial drafting process is an act of discovery for me. I’ve said before but I’ll reiterate here that this “arc” with Kali, Stonewall and the rest of the characters will take about five novels and two – maybe three – novellas to tell the way I want to. After that, I have MANY ideas for other novels set in the Catalyst Moon ‘verse, so stay tuned.

Okay, that’s all for now! Thanks for reading. 🙂

Stay awesome,


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