Alchemy – A Catalyst Moon AU

I started writing this AU (alternate universe) story many years ago. ALCHEMY was meant to be a scifi, cyberpunk retelling of the story that wound up being the first three books in the CATALYST MOON series (Incursion, Breach, and Storm.) I'm planning on revisiting the concept one day, but for now, please enjoy this short … Continue reading Alchemy – A Catalyst Moon AU

Free ficlets!

Note: This piece was originally submitted to the /r/fantasywriters May fiction challenge. It is set approximately thirteen years before Catalyst Moon: Incursion. Enjoy! Feathers Eris clambered out of the pond. Water streamed down her legs, she'd soaked her nicest gown, and Mama would be furious that her curls were ruined. But all that meant nothing, … Continue reading Free ficlets!