Catalyst Moon: Exile (Part Six)

Intro | Part One | Part Two | Part Three| Part Four | Part Five Enjoy! 😊 SIX             Atanar stood at the edge of the kulkri camp, hands bound behind his back while Sivoy and Tikaani argued a few paces away.             β€œHe ruined the ambush,” she was saying. β€œAnd tried to strangle me!” … Continue reading Catalyst Moon: Exile (Part Six)

Catalyst Moon: Exile (Part Two)

Part One here. Enjoy! 😁 Content warning: suicide TWO Even Aredian mountains were weak. It took Atanar the better part of another day to find a suitable cliff, one that he could summit, one that overlooked solid chunks of rock that would show his body no mercy when it fell from a great height. Preferably … Continue reading Catalyst Moon: Exile (Part Two)