Catalyst Moon fanfic! (contains spoilers for Breach)

Hi there! I'm thrilled to share this piece by a dear friend and fellow author who also happens to be a fan of the Catalyst Moon 'verse. Without further adieu, here's A Bird In Hand, by impoeia. (Who has kindly given permission for me to post this on my blog.) Please read and enjoy! 🙂 … Continue reading Catalyst Moon fanfic! (contains spoilers for Breach)

character spotlight: Eris Echina

Amazing original art provided by Emma Skysong! Eris Echina (pre-married name: Eris Nassor) At the time of Incursion, Eris is approximately 24 years old. She was born in the township of Shia, in Silverwood Province, to Igraine and Gerald Nassor. Her family was well off, with a prosperous farming business and a large estate. Eris' … Continue reading character spotlight: Eris Echina

Free ficlets!

Note: This piece was originally submitted to the /r/fantasywriters May fiction challenge. It is set approximately thirteen years before Catalyst Moon: Incursion. Enjoy! Feathers Eris clambered out of the pond. Water streamed down her legs, she'd soaked her nicest gown, and Mama would be furious that her curls were ruined. But all that meant nothing, … Continue reading Free ficlets!